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febbraio 25, 2016 - Red Bull

“I’m willing to risk everything” - Kadono

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Japan #snowboard sensation Yuki Kadono speaks tricks and risks ahead of this winter’s main events: the #xgames starting on Wednesday in Norway and the Burton US Open on March 1-5 in the USA.

He was 19 when he won the 2015 Burton US Open with spectacular back-to-back triple cork 1620s – the first time in competitive snowboarding a rider pulled two successive flips while inverting himself three times during each aerial rotation.

One year later, Kadono looks forward to the Oslo #xgames and gears up to defend his title at the US Open.

Exclusive Q&A with Yuki Kadono

Can you explain your sport?
Snowboard slopestyle is a #competition where the riders go down a course while performing their own tricks on different items such as rails, boxes and jumps. The judges score each rider on the difficulty, execution, and style of the tricks they performed.

How risky is a trick like your consecutive triple cork 1620s?
Whenever I try a trick that is very difficult or that has never been done before, I’m going into it with all I got and I’m willing to risk everything.

What is your next big trick?
At the moment I haven’t really thought of a new trick that I want to try.

Do you get scared?
Yes, usually when I try a hard trick or a new trick that I’ve never done before.

Have you ever hurt yourself?
Fortunately nothing too serious but I’ve had many moments where I was in pain.

A word on your #snowboard season so far, with a bronze medal at the #xgames in Aspen and a disappointing performance at Air + Style in Innsbruck?
I know I can do much better. I’m not very satisfied so far.

Who is your principal competitor now?
I keep an eye not on just one rider but on all the riders I compete against. But if I don’t land my runs, I won’t be able to beat anyone else so I am my biggest competitor.

What is your favorite #competition of the season?
All the contests I compete in are different in their own ways… but I’m always looking forward to competing in Big Air at #xgames.

Back for another win at the Burton US Open early March?
Of course!

What appeals so much about that event?
It’s one of the very last contests of the season so all riders will be at the peak of their performance. It makes it so exciting and at a very high level.

Follow the live broadcast of the Burton US Open on Red Bull TV HERE.

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