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aprile 12, 2016 - Red Bull

Skateboarding down the world’s largest waterslide

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Three skateboarders made the most of the maintenance period of Dubai’s Aquaventure Waterpark, riding down 156 metres of twists and turns, a 14m wall and the temporarily dry Aquaconda waterslide.

Located in the entertainment resort Atlantis of The Palm, the waterpark was drained of hundreds of thousands of litres of water in January 18 – 21, 2016. Italy’s Alex Sorgente, Argentina’s Milton Martinez and UAE resident Jan Hoffmann from Germany made its seven hectares of waterscape their home for a few days.

These world-class skateboarders took on the world’s largest waterslide, Aquaconda, and the near-vertical wall of Zoomerango, both normally full of water and six-person inflatable buoys.

From a height of 25m above The Palm – that’s more than six storeys high – they skateboarded down the 156-metre serpentine twists and turns of Zoomerango, before taking on its 14-metre wall. Sorgente, an 18-year-old athlete who won bronze at the 2011 World Championships in Marseille and at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Rampage, even landed a frontside flip (a 180 ollie with a kickflip) against the bank.

They then whizzed their way down Aquaconda at speeds of over 35 kilometres per hour, skating up to the edges of the 9.2m-wide pipes, catching glimpses of #dubai from the open sides before disappearing down tunnels.

"I think it’s probably like100 feet to the bottom, so if you fall over it I think you’re going to be dead, it’s definitely a high danger level and then we have a 30 foot drop and I went down it yesterday and it’s pretty big. But it’s good, and we get a lot of tricks done here and as long as you don’t fall over that you’ll be good.“ – Alex Sorgente.

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