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settembre 28, 2016 - Red Bull

The Fourth Phase a triumph in the face of adversity – Rice

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Having fought weather, challenges and straight-out failure to film his new #snowboard project, The Fourth Phase, Travis Rice says the only way he made it through was his crew’s unwillingness to give up. Watch this band of brothers who committed over four years of their lives as the film premieres globally on Red Bull TV on Sunday.

The 33-year-old is considered one of the greatest snowboarders of all time with this latest film seeing the American embark on a journey to find new terrain in dreamlike landscapes such as the North Pacific.

Started in 2013 and shot in 4K or Ultra HD, the film also sees the likes ofMark Landvik, Bryan Iguchi, Mikkel Bang and Ben Ferguson carve their way through scenic snow in the Japanese Alps, Russia and Alaska.

Rice revealed, “What it represents honestly is a group of truly normal #people that all are brave enough to fail constantly. 

"Because that's really all this project was - it was a series of things not going right but us having the willingness to stick to it and see it through till the end."

The one-time global premiere #event on October 2 will be free and can be viewed on Red Bull TV or as an app across devices at 9pm (time-shifted to local time worldwide). It will be launched to buy on October 3 with with pre-orders now available on the main website.

Watch the interview with Travis Rice to learn more.

About The Fourth Phase
In Red Bull Media House’s The Fourth Phase, iconic snowboarder Travis Riceembarks on a journey around the North Pacific. With a crew of snowboarding’s most innovative riders, he travels from his home base in Wyoming, across the Pacific to Japan, north to Russia, and over to Alaska. Cutting-edge cinematography captures the captivating drama and thrilling action for an immersive cinematic experience that one would expect from the team that created The Art of FLIGHT.

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