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gennaio 14, 2017 - Red Bull

Elite sailors eye perfect storm

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Fourteen set for Red Bull Storm Chase in world’s most unique windsurfing contest.

Nobody knows where the first Force 10 (89-102kph) storm will hit in 2017’s Red Bull Storm Chase, but when it does it will trigger another thrilling #competition.

Kai Lenny and Robby Swift are just two of the wave mavericks featuring this year alongside four finalists from the last #event - Thomas Traversa, Dany Bruch, Marcilio Browne and Leon Jamaer.

With previous fields tackling huge waves in Ireland, Tasmania and the Cornwall coast of England, the competitors are set for more mad global dashes this year with fans and riders able to propose locations.

None of the windsurfers know when or where each #event will happen with initial alerts going out just 124 hours before the potential start as long as there is proximity to a major airport and safe access to the beach for staff and emergency personnel.

Once the green light is given 72 hours before the contest start, riders will have 48 hours to be onsite at the #event location.

Inability to arrive (with gear) means that rider will forfeit their place to another rider on the nominee list ahead of the stormy contest.

Professional Windsurfing Association Head Judge Duncan Coombs leads the panel who will be looking for jump height and trick difficulty, the most stylish wave rides and timing-critical moves.

The waiting period ends March 12th and, if no suitable storm presents itself, it will not be held so fingers are crossed for Mother Nature to get angry soon.

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