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marzo 29, 2017 - Red Bull

Kris Bryant: A Kid from Bonanza High School

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“There’s so many good memories here for me. I met my wife here, got a scholarship for playing #baseball well and doing well in school. I loved high school, loved every minute of it.”

In a homecoming video for redbull.com/kbhomecoming, these were some of the comments Kris Bryant shared upon making a recent visit back to #bonanzahighschool, where he graduated from in 2010.  Since then, he has become one of the most accomplished athletes in the world, while continuing to be grounded and humble in his approach.

Here are some of Bryant’s memories, which are chronicled in the video:

On coming home to Bonanza H.S.

Pretty cool to see your face on a door right when you walk up. The Wall of Fame was something that we walked by every day in school and you look up there and think, that would be pretty cool to be up there one day. Now the students here walk by and see my face up there.  My wife is up on the student council side of the wall of fame. She was student body president, three sports, she did it all.  She still does it all.

On his first varsity game

First varsity game, I was so nervous. I had no clue what I was doing.  I think I made an error, misplayed a ball, it bounced over my head. I was getting the nerves out.  My first homerun was a grand slam, so I redeemed myself after my first game.

On getting dressed for #baseball games

The locker room…my memories were that we never really got to be in that locker room because the football team had it. We’d pull up our cars and change in the parking lot and blast our music.

On keeping the field looking sharp

We all had our jobs to take care of the field. Freshmen started off with the worst jobs.  As a senior, you got up to watering the field. I took pride in what I did, not just here, even what we do now in manicuring Wrigley Field with our feet in between in each pitch. You take pride in what you do.

On seeing scouts at his games

When you start seeing scouts in the stands, you feel the pressure.  I certainly felt it.  I look up and see radar guns and everybody writing notes down. It only helped me later on and eased my nerves.

On a shattering memory

We had a pretty busy street here. I actually hit a homer over the fence and we hear a sound. Obviously, it was a car, we just didn’t know what we did to the car.  Five minutes later, a guy pulls up, window shattered.  It was a pretty funny moment.

As background, since leaving high school, here’s his resume highlights:

- Won the Golden Spikes Award as the top college #baseball player in the land while playing for the University of San Diego

- Drafted by the Chicago Cubs with the 2 overall pick, which came with a crispy, clean $7 million compensation package

- In his first full year in pro ball, he hit 43 dongs and was voted Baseball America’s Minor League Player of the Year

- In his second season, he gets called up to the bigs and proceeds to jack another 26 homeruns, makes the All-Star team, leads the Cubs to the playoffs and walks away with the NL Rookie of the Year trophy

- In 2016, he took it up another level!  The starting 3rd baseman in the All-Star Game.  Winner of the NL MVP award. And oh yea, he leads the Cubs to their first World Series crown in 108 years.

- In January 2017, he married his high school sweetheart.

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