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aprile 11, 2017 - Adidas

adidas Originals – 70s Apparel

Comunicato Stampa disponibile solo in lingua originale. 

Half a century ago, the #adidas Originals Three Stripe Tracksuit first hit stores and defined the look of 1970s sportswear by bringing athleticism to the streets. To celebrate, #adidas Originals will reissue this vintage classic in a faithful reproduction of the original tracksuit.
To further honor the icon, the Originals design team turned their attentions to the indie streets of London to create a celebratory “remixed” collection. Building on authentic cues from the archives, the range combines purist 70s design with contemporary materials, progressive fits and unconventional color executions to create a modernized take on archetypal classic retro silhouettes. All pieces are then finished with the three-stripes rib tape motif, unifying the collection with the ultimate stamp of quality on an uncompromised Original tribute.

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