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Expert-Approved: 5 most exciting Running Apps

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Kate Carter, lifestyle editor at The Guardian and elite runner, takes us through five of the best #running apps. 

Based in London, Kate Carter is an editor at The Guardian, where she frequently writes about #running. In the last five years, Kate has watched as #running apps exploded in popularity. “I think they’ve really encouraged the social side of #running, which is hugely important,” she recently told us. “I also think they’ve given people more information and opportunity for more structured training, if that’s what they want.” We talked to Kate to find five apps to recommend to our readers, with the following results:


“I won’t deny I’m a Strava addict,” Kate said of the massively popular #running app, which emphasizes social connection. “I am in a #running club, and have lots of #running friends, but I actually do about 95 percent of training on my own. That can feel slightly isolating. If I got to work and explained a session I’d just done, my colleagues would look blankly at me. Put it on Strava, and I know there’s a community of like-minded people who will instantly get it and congratulate or commiserate accordingly. I love the fact that I follow runners around the world, from Australia to Norway via Japan and Kenya.

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