may 28, 2018 - Nike

Some of England’s cultural leaders just reimagined their nation’s iconic white football jersey

An unlabeled sweatshirt is…just a sweatshirt. An unbranded pair of jeans is anonymous denim. But unlike other articles of clothing, a #jersey can never be completely stripped of meaning. A name, number and crest can be removed, and still, the jersey’s essence is rich with history. For England fans, the pared-down version of their #jersey is not just a white shirt – it’s a blank canvas on which the wearer projects their vision of the England football experience, bridging a fresh connection with a new era of national fans.

That essentialist idea served as the foundation for #nike Football’s recently launched White Shirt Project, where a group of 11 British artists, athletes and cultural leaders took the white #jersey and designed it according to their unique relationship with their homeland. See the submissions below.

The #nike White Shirt Project, in partnership with Tottenham Textiles, runs May 25-31 at Niketown London.

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