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marzo 24, 2016 - Nike

Croatia 2016 national football kits

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The Croatian National Football Team will step onto the world stage this summer in new home and away kits that honor the country’s heritage.


The home kit features a modern take on the red-and-white checkerboard, coat-of-arms pattern that dates back over 500 years to the Kingdom of Croatia and represents the serenity, bravery and strength of each Croatian.


The away kit debuts the same pattern in the country’s other signature hue: blue. A further ode to national pride, the word “Hrvatska” (Croatia), appears on the shirts’ back collars.

The sides of the kits feature blue stripes that run the length of the shirt and shorts. Expanding when the player is in motion, they are designed to maximize ventilation and reveal bold flashes of underlying red. In the home kit, blue socks showcase a linear red graphic on the calf while the away kit's socks mirror the famed red-and-white check. Both highlight the most dynamic part of the footballer’s body, the lower legs, to accentuate speed. 

“We are a country with a great passion for football and the checks on our kit tell so many stories about our country and our team,” says Croatian standout Luka Modrić.  “I like this new kit because we have our iconic elements, but also some exciting new details.”

While this new kit serves to inspire national pride, it has also been created to give players the very latest in Nike’s innovations, encompassing fabric construction, performance technology, moisture management and environmental sustainability.

2016 Croatia kits are available beginning March 24 at #nike.com.

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