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marzo 21, 2017 - Nike

Riccardo Tisci gets honest about his air max 97

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Riccardo Tisci believes the next big trend in #fashion is honesty. The Italian designer, who has effortlessly mixed sportswear and couture throughout his career, is looking inward — remembering the things that sparked his imagination in the early years of his #design.
“The future is about honesty. Everything #people want seems to be honest, to be real,” Tisci explains. “People want honest clothes, honest shoes, honest everything. This is really what #people look for, design-wise, color-wise and in #fashion and in the way #people dress.”
Tisci’s latest collaboration with #nike, the #nikelab #airmax97 Mid x R.T., expands on this theme. In working on the #airmax97, Tisci tackles a shoe with a great emotional pull not just for him, but for many of his countrymen as well.
People want honest clothes, honest shoes, honest everything.
- Riccardo Tisci
“The #airmax97 had huge influence and impact on Italian culture,” he reflects. “The #airmax97 is an iconic, young shoe of 90s. At the time I was involved with DJs and music, and in the clubs the #people leading the big waves were wearing Air Max. That period has a lot of history. It was the first meeting of sportswear and #fashion.”
While Tisci acknowledges (candidly) that he’s “getting older,” the interests of his youth still impact his #design. Thus, he’s given the #airmax97 a mature twist — befitting of his ‘sportswear meets luxury’ aesthetic. He’s kept the shoe’s soul: The shape, the tooling and the length. But, he’s also not been shy about bringing in elements of himself.
“I gave it more height, because I think its much more ‘street;’ it's typical of me,” Tisci says.
The #airmax97 had huge influence and impact on Italian culture.
- Riccardo Tisci
The mid-top look also reflects the designer’s longstanding interests in basketball and skateboarding. The black leather, and contrast white stitching, which gives the shoe a new structure conveys a mature sophistication.
“Its super-honest and super-classic,” concludes Tisci. “When things are very honest, they are modeled forever.”
The #nikelab #airmax97 Mid x R.T releases March 23 at #nikelab doors and #nikelab.com.