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novembre 03, 2017 - Nike

The Art of Reduction: Inside Nike's Sparkling New National Federation Hockey Jerseys.

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In the pursuit of gold, generations of designers, explorers and tinkerers have sought a magic formula. For athletic apparel, that formula often comes from a just-right combination of fit and weight. When that balance is perfected, critical grams are shaved (after all, triumph comes in the tightest of margins) and athletes are free of distractions. This is paramount because when athletes look and feel good, they play well. Nowhere is this clearer than in winter sports, such as #hockey.

In a word, Nike’s latest national team #hockey jerseys represent alchemy. “It’s what most inspired us to look at the jersey as a whole and transform it into something special,” says #scotttoudjinewilliams, Nike’s Senior Creative Director for Olympics Apparel. Part of that involved upgrading to a lightweight and breathable ripstop material and incorporating more mesh (for example, in the collar) to increase ventilation.

But this idea of alchemy truly comes to life in two major ways: First, in the graphic trim package. “To us, this is game-changing!” says Toudjine-Williams. “Elevating the fonts, crests and numbers takes us to another level of performance and visual standpoint.” Here’s how they did it:

  • A shift to single-layer laser-perforated numbers (instead of layering up heavy twill) that they applied by heat (rather than stitching them down), both of which increased breathability and articulation.
  • Doing away with the previous large, heavy center-front crest in favor of a small, intricate, badge (select teams were moved to a new configuration led by country name rather than their crest), which reduced weight, resulting in better articulation for the athlete.
  • Consolidating fonts across kits. (Though select teams got a unique font.)

Further, the idea of alchemy involves transforming base metals into gold. “It’s all about creating an extremely valuable and desired outcome,” says Toudjine-Williams. This element of the theme comes to life with the following films and flicker capabilities employed throughout the jersey:

  • Amplification of each team’s colors through a cascading gradient.
  • An expanded color palette that includes secondary and tertiary colors.
  • A new blade Swoosh (inspired by a #hockey skate blade) with chrome flicker that sparkles under the arena lights.
  • The flicker film (rather than heavy twill) addition to the top of the base for the crest and numbers increases vibrancy.
  • Injected silicon molds make the trims pop.

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