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marzo 12, 2018 - Nike

20th anniversary "What the Mercurial?" boots

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When the #nike #mercurial line debuted in 1998 everything was shocking; the colors, materials, even the athlete who inspired it, were truly beyond any preconceived expectation.

Twenty years later, that element of shock and awe hasn’t dissipated. After all, the #mercurial has regularly shifted and constantly evolved to follow through on the promise it was built to deliver: faster football. To do that — and to help athletes at all levels score countless goals — the boot has regularly broken, rebuilt and broken the mold.

The second What the #mercurial (following the initial 2016 release) is no exception. With the 2018 #mercurial Superfly 360, complete with advanced Flyknit as its base, the boot begins life at the pinnacle of football innovation. Though simple in its monochromatic aesthetic, the What the #mercurial also advances the #mercurial silo’s lineage of progressive graphic application.

Here’s how: 
1. The #mercurial 360’s Flyknit yarns have the capacity to be molded into a variety of textures and shapes.
2. This allowed designers to create a 2D graphic incorporating icons of the #mercurial lineage and translate it into a 3D element of the boot’s design.
3. The 3D design is created through a mold that heats and presses the design into the #mercurial 360 knit.  

This process allows for distinctive nods to past boots and celebration of iconic #mercurial elements without compromising touch. 

More information on the press release

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